Pigeon Valley, Cappadocia

IMG_3746.1 IMG_3739.1Our next destinations are Goreme Valley and Pigeon Valley. The jeep drive through the most narrow footpath  around the rocks houses till we come  the highest peak to view the Goreme Valley in  360 degrees view.  Utterly breathtaking to see  rocks houses build around and at the foot of the mountains. This national park is pack full of usual shaped rocks and houses. The remains from thousand years caused by ashes and  volcano.

IMG_3737.1 IMG_3748.1 IMG_3749.1

The Turkish citizen used to stay in the  rock houses in these areas as the soft fine sand hardened and became a rock and caves, the local build houses in these caves and stay in the cave houses. But in Pigeon Valley the lands no longer is safe for the  citizens to stay, and it became homes to pigeons and hence known as “Pigeon Valley”   To see these houses one stack on top of each others and to imagine it used to be homes for locals, it is breathtaking and spectacular view from the top of the peaks and there is footpath to trek into these hills and valleys.

IMG_3751.1 IMG_6467 IMG_6471.1

The Jeep Safari is worth every pence, as some of the places which are inaccessible  but the jeep able to do so. Happy that we have join this tour to see more of this amazing and gorgeous place and would recommend for all my friends to take this trip if and when you are in Cappadocia.

IMG_6475.1 IMG_6478.1


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