Sunset walk Goreme Valley, Turkey

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After our safari tour, we are too knackered to do more due  to wake up early for our hot air balloon trip at 4.00 a.m., unfortunately it has been cancel due to poor weather condition.  We have our lunch and went back to our hotel for a rest.

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Been told the sunset in Goreme is spectacular, we are ready to go out for our walk in the Goreme valley to see the breathtaking scenery in sunset.  During our walk at the Goreme valley, there are lot of abandoned rock houses which deemed unsafe for local to use or stay.  The hotel, Traveller’s  CavePension is in Nevsehir, behind the hotel there is a trekking path leading up to the mountains.

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Follow the walking path, we can view the valley in 360  degree, surrounded by the mountains. Awesome rocks formations are lighted up by the sunset, casting a red glow to this fabulous  valley.  On our way up to the mountains, to see such a rugged, nature formed sculptures are awesome.  We stay at the top of the mountains till the blue hour and walk back to our hotel to meet our son for our dinner.

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We went to a Korean restaurant for dinner and the food  are beautifully cooked with free sides dishes. We have a wonderful day and need our sleep, as we have to wake up early for our hot air balloon trip in the morning at 4.00 a.m. and hope the weather is good for us to go for it.

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