Hot Air Balloons at Cappadocia

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We booked our hot air balloons trip with the tour agent, unfortunately the day before the weather too fogging for it and it was cancel.  The tour agent will arrange for pick up in the hotel at 4.00 a.m. and sent us to a shop near the Goreme Open Air Museum. Once we reached the shop there is hot drink, biscuits and cakes for us  and register our names with the tour agents.  There are several groups such yellow, red and green and then each group guide will head count and check the weather forecast before they able to start fire the balloons.

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It is best to book in advance once you reach Goreme as the trip depend on the weather, it can be unpredictable so not to be disappointed. All the tourists are in high spirits even though half awake.  Each basket take about 16 people and 2 workers to manage the balloon. To see the hidden gems of this area by air, can’t wait for our turn,  It is a bit tight knit with so many people in one basket. The pilot will fire up the gas and up we go.

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Wow! it is so cool to gently floating above the ripple landscape in the hot air balloon. We glide just above the fairy chimney rock formations and up and over the rippled ravine. In the early morning with the sunrise at the top of the mountains, this gorgeous, breathtaking place seen to glow in gold color with the hot air balloons floating above the rugged mountains.  Spectacular landscape view from the air, the trip take about 1 hour and we fly up to 2,000 ft above sea level.

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We floated in the air above the landscape of Cappadocia. Once we landed the tour guide give us each a free glass of champagne, certificate and a bronze badge. The trip cost around 150 to 160 Euro per person, we are lucky to get a special rate for 100 Euro each per person. It worth every penny and if you are in Cappadocia take a risk and go for the Hot Air Balloon trip.

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