Antalya, Turkey

IMG_4195.1 IMG_4214.1

We take a domestic flight to Antalya from Kayseri.  The tickets cost around 50.00 Euro per person, the fares for the flight vary from 20 to 50 Euro. We booked with Pegasus Airline, the flight had been delay for 2 hours and one of our luggage was  lost in transit.   Once report our lost with the department of lost. We take a bus to Lara Hotel, a small town in Antalya.

IMG_4212.1 IMG_4216.1 IMG_4220.1 IMG_4225.1

The beach is near the hotel and early in the morning I go for my morning walk at the Park. In the park there are waterfalls and shelter huts and cafes around the park and beaches. The park is at the edge of the coastal  and the rocky edges of the island. The water is too  choppy and risky for swimming.

IMG_4232.1 IMG_4234.1 IMG_6688.1 IMG_6722.1

Enjoying myself taking photos of the park and waterfall, happy to cover one portion of the park. The weather is humid hot, After 2 hours at the park and  head back to the hotel for my breakfast and meet up with my husband and son.


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