Perge, Antalya

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Perge  is the a Roman ruin to Antalya, and worth a visit. We want to make a day of ruin hopping by combining it with visits to Aspendos.

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The Great Theater and the stadium of Perge are most impressive and intact buildings.  The remnants of its massive Hellenistic-Roman gate towers are so unusual. Through the gates are the remnants of a fine colonnaded street, not as fine as the Arcadian Way in Ephesus, but still quite impressive.

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The southern baths and the agora are  worth exploring. From Antalya the easiest ways to visit Perge by public transport, take a minibus from Antalya’s Otogar to the town of Aksu on the Antalya highway, then hitch or hike for 2 km north to Perge.

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As for hiking, Perge is a starting point for the St Paul Trail leading north up to the Anatolian plateau, the other starting point is Aspendos.

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