Aspendos, Antalya

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Aspendos or Aspendus is an ancient Greco-Roman city in Antalya. It is located about 7 km northeast of central Serik. Aspendos is an ancient city in Pamphylia, Asia Minor, located about 40 km east of modern city of Antalya.

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Aspendos is known for having the best preserved and well maintain theatre of antiquity. The theatre hosts the annual Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival which organized by the Turkish State Opera and Ballet since 1994. With international participation of opera and ballet companies and an audience of 10,000.

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There isn’t any direct bus or coach from Antalya  to Aspendos. We took a Serik bus from Antalya Terminal, arrived Serik and we change to local bus which is about 2 yd from the ancient ruin.

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The entrance fee for this museum is 15 Lira but we bought the 105 lira ticket which valid for 3 months and we are entitled to use this ticket to all the museums in Turkey. We can also produce  this ticket to any of the tourist attractions places in Turkey.


There is a small cafe selling drink but no food. Also make enquiry at the cafe for the local bus time table so as not to miss the bus. Awesome ancient theatre and well maintain, and all the marbles and stature are well preserved by the museum. A worthy place to visit and experience,  sitting on the stone steps and let your  imagination run wild.

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I would recommend this fabulous place to anyone if you are in Turkey, make a day trip to this fabulous place.


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