Laodikeia, Pamukkale


Our second day at Pamukkale, we went to visit the Laodikeia.  Laodikeia also known as Laodicea was an Ancient Greek/Roman city,which is a set of interesting ancient ruins.



It been founded by Antiochus II Theos of the Seleucid Kingdom in third century BC, many of the buildings and monuments at the Laodikeia site dated from 1st century BC and later became a Roman city. The city was destroyed by an earthquake in 60AD.
Among the ruins of Laodikeia are the remains of the ancient theatre, which would originally have held up to 20,000 spectators. A few of the other ruins which can still be seen include the stadium and gymnasium (both 79AD), a bath complex and a Temple of Zeus.





The area has construction site machinery and workers are busy working to reconstruct the ruin.  A couple of well-preserved structures with no modern adaptation and  cordoned-off archaeological areas being actively worked.

We took the minibus to Denizli and the driver drop us off the highway, we walk uphill about 15 minutes to reached the site and the entry fee is 10 TL This ancient worth a visit as there are lot of works taken to preserved the  ancient ruins.  We reached this site early in the morning, to avoid the hot mid noon sun.  Our last day at Pamukkale, we have booked our bus trip to Selcuk.

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