Selcuk, Turkey


We reach the bus station of Selcuk,  asked one of the assistance for the mini bus for the way to our hotel.  Been told by the man there will be a car to pick us up to our hotel as he had contact the hotel for the pick up.



Once we reached the hotel and check in,  been told that due to this hotel location is up the hill and they provide local pick up at certain time from their sister hotel in the town center.  Armed with the information we decide to venture into  the town and walk into the town.



Once we reach the town, there is a local market and lot of shopping we can do, the jeans and T-shirts are of good quality and cheap. We couldn’t resist the sale and bought some.   Along the way to the center there a lot of restaurant and shops. Surprised to see plenty of storks nesting on top of the lamp post. It is a sight to behold to, to see rare wild life nesting around in town.



After we have our dinner and doing some shopping  at the shops and one of the shop owner own a rare  swimming cat which one eye is green and the other is blue. He told us that he bought it from Van a beautiful city in the south of Turkey. That will be in my next bucket list to visit.





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