Basilica of St John, Selcuk



The Basilica of St John is just a few minutes walk from the center of Selcuk.  The ruins of the Byzantine Church of St John mark the spot where St John the Evangelist was buried. The church is on the slopes of Ayasoluk Hill near the center of Selcuk, just below the fortress in a town next to Ephesus.





It is believed St John have spent the last years of his life in Ephesus writing his version of the Gospel. Emperor Justinian from 527 – 565AD.  Believed hat a tomb dating from the 300s was John’s, so he built a great church above it in the 500s. Centuries later the ruin church was pillaged for building materials, but the restoration allow us to see the extent and to  its beauties.





Preservation and works in progress are carry out  by the authority to the ruins.  Walking up hill to the castle,  it is  in full restoration of the previous glorious days beauty.  Unfortunately, we are not allow to go in to visit the castle as there are security guards guarding it. Opposite to the castle border, we can climb up to the ruin to view the city of Selcuk.  It took us 2 hours to view this ancient ruin and  we are going to visit Izmir Selcuk Isa Bey Mosque which about 1 mile from the the Basilica.










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