Glan Yr Afon Riverside Park, Llangollen



Glan yr Afon Riverside Park, Llangollen, North Wales, the riverside park is just next to the Llangollen Station. Lot of tourists will visit this town, it is the center of the footpath for trekking the River Dee and hills surrounded this beautiful town.



The main attraction  is the Llangollen station,  to take a ride on  the steam train which follow the River Dee to the area of outstanding nature beauty. Across the beautiful bridge to see  the fast water running under the bridge. There is a company who organized  canoeing in the fast ripple water. There are boats rides which are haul by the horses in the tradition ways on the canal for tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenic view around the River Dee.

There is a footpath from the Riverside  Mill Pub and follow this footpath, it will take you to riverside park. We plan our this trip to riverside in Autumn , around end of October, when the trees foliages have turned and change to different shade of red and yellow.

Busy taking photos of this gorgeous colorful  foliage reflection on the water, and been told by a few locals, they had spotted a stork on the rocks, so we can take a photo of the rare visitor.

We took some photos of the riverside and decided to join the locals going down to the river which covered with  special black rocks jutting upward of the water. The public are allow to access to these rocks and water if they are not worry to get wet. We walk across the rocks to view the amazing beautiful scenic view reflected on  still water.

Once we are satisfy we have enough photos of this place, we take a break to have a cup of tea with scones at the Riverside Mill Pub. I have never venture into this pub before. It look quite posh with deck for the customers to sit out and enjoy the scenic views of the river.  The view from the deck are amazing and the price of tea and scones are same price as the shops in the town.  The ice cream which I have is gorgeous and beautiful.

There is a old working mill inside the pub and you can walk around the old historical building to enjoy a traditional working mill and pub food. We stay for an hour at here and Chain Bridge will be our next stop. Look for my next post for the Chain Bridge in North Wales.







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