Side Pike, Langdale Pikes


Side Pike is one of the top 10 photography locations in the Lake District. We didn’t do it the proper way as all other trekkers do, by parking our car at the car park at the Old Dungeon Ghyll.

We drove all the way up hill to a private farmhouse and park our car at the side of the locked up barn, as we reckon our walk will take us about a hour or so. It is best to take some drinks and sandwich along for this trek.

Great Langdale is renowned for the majestic Langdale Pikes and every year there are about 1 million visitors visit this place. The views down the Langdale valley are stunning. A view of both valley and the famous Pikes are equally as stunning. Side Pike standing less than 400m and is not even high enough to be classed as a mountain, but it offering some great views. It is one of my favorite views in the Lake District.

Following the private farm house side gate leading to the valley, and follow the sign at the side stating National Trust Park, there is a footpath leading to the side Pike, or another way is to detour the river across the farmland up to the side Pike. The footpath will lead into a side track on the right going uphill, the grounds or the footpaths are uneven so be careful when walking up the hill.

The best views is head up to the top of the Side Pike, about 3/4 up to the summit, we can view the village of Langdale with Lakes, when reach to the top of the path turn left onto the knoll that overlooks the valley, the views from here are nearly as good. We walk up to the summit, and glad that we did it. The view on the top is amazing beautiful, we can see the mountains peaks stretching from one to another and another is side is the valley, it is a glorious sight to behold to. At the summit, prepare yourself for the strong wind, as we couldn’t stay here for too long due to the strong wind.

We return the same way as we walk up, as there is a different route to extend the walk to include Blea Tarn, but we didn’t go for it.



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