Pamucak Beach, Selcuk


We took a mini bus from Ephesus to Pamucak, it is 3 Lira per person and we had to wait for  20 to 30  minutes  for  a bus. Not all the bus follow the route passing near Pamucak, there is a bus guide for the minibus and he asked us to take a seat and called us once the bus arrive.



The coastal road stretch from Selcuk and Ephesus to Kusadasi and it is a 5 minutes walk to the sea at Pamucak, so access is cheap, quick and convenient with local minibuses.



The wide crescent of dark Meander River delta sand is 7 km west of Selcuk. There are big resort hotels on the southern reaches and most of the beach is public.  At the very southern end, the road begins to climb over the hills to Kusadasi, is the Aqua Fantasy water park.



The soft sand is a bit squishy underfoot and the beach is open to the Aegean Sea, which constantly sends the waves onto it, churning the sand, clouding the water and make swimming experience a bit harder.



There is cafes and some beach houses near the beach and we able to sit in the cafe and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with food, or suntanning outside the cafe on the beach. There is a police post but no lifeguards or life-saving equipment.  As the waves is strong and high, it is a good place for surfing.



There are lot of locals out fishing with their families and bbq on the beach, enjoying a sunny day on the beach.  We were at the quiet spot of the beach  where there are not a lot of tourists.  The local are very friendly and enjoying photos being taken by tourist. We only stay around this place for about 2 hours and head back to Selcuk.



An awesome place to be and would love to recommend to all my friends if you are in Ephesus, and made a stop at this gorgeous place.







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