Grand Bazaar & Eminonu Yeni Camii New Mosque


It took us an hour to walk to the Grand Bazaar, as we asked the students who volunteer to help the tourists for directions and been told it is very near to Sultanahmet.  Along the way to Grand Bazaar there are lot of shops, restaurants and cafes for tourists  to shop till you drop.



When we reached the Grand Bazaar, it just a wow factor for us. It’s the most attractive shopping center and the biggest “souk” in the world with nearly 4,000 shops selling antiques, jewellery, gold, carpets, leatherware and souvenir.



We bought some shorts, trousers, t-shirts, a kitchen tap and  a hammock to hang in our garden.  We are so knackered, after walking for hours and decided to stop at the Eminonu Yeni Camii New Mosque.  There are lot of tourists sitting on the steps of the mosque.



The New Queen Mother mosque also known as Yeni Valide Camii, also called the New Mosque. Yeni Cami dominates the ferry docks in Eminonu at the Southern end of Istanbul’s Galata Bridge over the Golden Horn.

IMG_5287 (1)


The mosque is viewed by architectural historians as a lesser of the great imperial mosques of the classical Ottoman architectural period, Yeni Cami is a beautiful building worthy of a visit, particularly it is uncrowded by tourists.Don’t visit at prayer times,  I really enjoy its peace, tranquility and splendid decorations of the domes.



Yeni Cami was the center of a kulliye, or complex of other buildings, such as hospital, Turkish bath, library, astronomer’s office, and a Egyptian Spice Bazaar.The Spice Bazaar or known as Egyptian Bazaar – the mystical smells of different aromas of various spices. Shops selling fruits, vegetables, fish, flowers.



In 2012 James Bond Movie – Skyfull was filmed partly in Istanbul, Turkey, principally around Eminonu and the Grand Bazaar.


I didn’t took a lot of photos around this place due it is too hot and humid to do more than wanted to find a cool place to sit and chill off. Inside the mosque there are lot of local and some tourists sitting around the hall to chat and enjoying a rest from the heat of the day.







2 thoughts on “Grand Bazaar & Eminonu Yeni Camii New Mosque

    • Ha!!! we enjoyed the souk so much that we went there again on our last day to get some more shirts and trousers for my son. It is really cheap to buy clothing in Turkey, good quality and stylist. We spend all our Turkish Lira on our last day shopping at the Grand Bazaar.

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