Bosphorus Cruise, Istanbul


Late in the afternoon, we were at Eminonu Harbour, the ticket for the Bosphorus Cruise is 12 Turkish Lira and it go through the waterway separating the two continents,. Europe and Asia with a possibility to take photography of marble palaces, ancient wooden villas of Ottoman architecture besides modern resdentias and luxurious apartments.




Our tour is operate by TurYol, 90 minute cruise nonstop from Eminonu by the Galata Bridge, up the Bosphorous  to the Faith Bridge, then turn around and return to Eminonu.




Our last night in Istanbul, we tried to enjoy every minute of it. Not really impress of this cruise as you can simply take a ferry or a boat from one town to another and it is cheaper than the cruise, the journey is about 25 m9nutes to 30 minutes.  From the domestic airport to Istanbul we took a ferry to the old city and the ferry has travel the similar route as Bosphorus Cruise.




We took a tram back to the Sultanahmet to have our dinner at one of the Korean Restaurant. We went back to our hotel to have a early night.





2 thoughts on “Bosphorus Cruise, Istanbul

  1. You should try a night time Bosphorus Cruise – they come with dinner and absolutely magnificent entertainment! Highly recommend it! You don’t see much of the city sights, but you see the beautiful area by night time with lots of pretty lights and the food and dancing is unforgettable!

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