Topkapi Palace, Istanbul


Topkapi Palace is the residence of Ottoman Sultans exhibiting imperial treasury, sacred Islamic relics of Prophet Mohammed, kitchen, Chinese porcelain weapons, calligraphy.




Topkapi Palace is massive and during Summer there are lot of tourists visiting this place. We only managed to see the rooms where the Sultans, harem and children resided. The architecture was beautiful and many of the rooms adorned with the same styles tiles.  The grandest rooms are the state room where the sultans entertain guests.




Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough times to view the other court yards as we were too knackered for more sight-seeing in the hot, humid midday.  We went to the town for our lunch and proceed to Grand Bazaar, as my son wanted to get some shirts and stuffs that he needed.

The Blue Mosque is just next to the Topkapi Palace but we decided to give a miss as we have been to other mosques which are much quieter than the Blue Mosque.  For our last day at Istanbul, keen to take some photos of the daily life in the Istanbul. While my son is busy buying clothing and for me, busy clicking my camera away.
We finished our shopping about 4.00 p.m. and back to the hotel to get our luggage, packed all our last minute purchase and ready to take a tram to the airport.
We have seen a lot places in Turkey and it is easy to travel from one place to another without hire a car, as the local transport are so convenience  and not expensive. Hitchhiking in Turkey is easy and accessible after we had tried it. Turkey is a thumb up for us as we have so more fun, knowledge of history, dangerous experience of safari with thunderstorm and freaky lighting, hot air balloons and beauty of the nature.
I have enjoy  and love  Turkey so much and hopefully  able to visit this amazing and gorgeous country again soon. Look out for my next post – visit Hong Kong.

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