GoodBye 2015

I think I have done quite well for my 2015, completed my 1st year university and had 2 exhibitions shows held in Birmingham. Been to several countries and gone on holidays with my relatives and best friends.  We have so much fun, adventure, sadness, laughter and sharing heartfelt thoughts.


My first time venture to Turkey and simply fall in love with this country. The heat of the sun is killing but the scenic view of the country had made a great impression in my memory. The friendly and kind  locals are so extraordinary amazing, I couldn’t wait to visit the country again so.


My first trip to Taiwan with my friends is beautiful and gorgeous. The second trip with my family and friends are so wonderful and fabulous. My brother-in-law’s Taiwan friends show us a different side of Taiwan which we haven’t seen before. With friendliness  and warm welcome, they  recommend us to all the famous local cuisine and places we have never seen or been before. This is an eye-opening experience for  us and every day with a full belly of good foods.IMG_6488.1

Hong Kong is my husband’s home town and he has been away from the  country about 38 years. His parents  are immigrated to England for 45 odd years but went back to Hong Kong when they retired. We have been to Hong Kong several times to visit them and also sight-seeing this beautiful city. Most of the people think Hong Kong is great for shopping but it also great for sight-seeing. There are lot  of beautiful nature in Hong Kong. Especially the islands and is a great place for trekking up to the mountains/hills within easy reach by bus or tram.



Singapore is my hometown but I have immigrated to England for 24 odd years. I have been back home a few times and there are some beautiful places in Singapore which tourists have not been venture to. One of my favorite place is Pasir Ris Park full of nature and wild life.


Went to Penang – Malaysia is a neighbouring country to Singapore. Enjoy ourselves so much,  have a rowdy and mad holiday.


My friends came to England to visit us, so we arranged a trip to England and Europe. First we visit Wales, Lake Districts and Scotland and drive to France, Belgium and Holland. We have a great and wonderful times touring round UK and Europe and here  to share some of the photos of these places.

Wales – The Bont


Lakes District – Windermere


Scotland -Edinburgh


Scotland – Culross West – Scottish Highland


France – Paris


Belgium -Brussels


Lastly Holland – Windmills Park


I think I have pretty much reflecting 2015 with my photos as documentation of what I am doing and also keeping a record for my own keepsake. I had lost both my parents-in-law in 2015 and become a  first time grandmother, in total  it is quite a great achievement for me and my husband. Our emotions are like yo-yo up and down but in the end happiness overcome all the lost and sadness. Hope 2016 will bring Peace to Earth and wish all my friends A Happy 2016 with “Peace & Love”.






5 thoughts on “GoodBye 2015

  1. I love this post! Congratulations on all that you have achieved and I am so jealous of all the places you have visited, it’s amazing. Wishing you every happiness for 2016 and may your success continue for many years to come xxxx

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