Cheung Chau, Hong Kong -長洲 – 2015


My sisters and their friends arrived in Hong Kong on the 10/7/2015 and we planned for this trips to visit the islands in Hong Kong instead of shopping  and visit temples. We are going Cheung Chau,長洲. Cheng Chau is a small island 10 km Southwest Hong Kong Island. It is nicknamed the “Dumbbell Island” due to its shape.



Famous for its annual explosion of Bun Festival fun. Cheung Chau’s temples, seafood restaurants near the pier, beaches and a pirate hideout. We take MTR to the Central Station and walk to the Ferry Pier No 5 and take a ferry to there.



Once we reached the  Island we queue for the local famous big “Fish balls skewers” and it taste so beautiful and there is a long queue for it. There are maps all around the island and many walking trails and each trail takes about 1 to 2 hours.  We follow the trail to the Ma Cho Temple and on the way to there, my friend recommend another famous local dessert “Mango Moochi” which is a piece of mango wrapped with glutinous rice flour and it taste so yummy. We couldn’t resist it and have a second round of the dessert.




After the visiting the temple, we follow the trail to the beach, as it is so humid and hot, we just look for a cafe and take a break with some cold drinks.  We didn’t manage to walk up hill to view the surrounding islands.  If possible, stay for the sunset as the view from the harbour or pier is so beautiful. We took the ferry back around 5.00 p.m. to have our dinner at MongKok.




After dinner we went to do the last minutes shopping before returning to the hotel. On the way back to the hotel we encountered a group of demonstrators  fighting for freedom of democracy and speech, police patrols at the side of the demonstrators.

IMG_7835.1 IMG_7837.1 IMG_7841.1 IMG_7843.1 IMG_7845.1

A great ending for the day, everyone is happy and knackered and ready for  a early night.




4 thoughts on “Cheung Chau, Hong Kong -長洲 – 2015

    • Thanks Lina and hope you have a great time with your family. I am going back to Hong Kong in 13/1 for 14 days and hope to visit some of islands in there and hopefully the weather is not too cold for it.

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