Sharp Island or Kiu Tsui Chau -橋咀洲


We took a bus to Sai Kung District, surprised to the floating market at the pier or harbour of Sai Kung.  It is cheaper to see the volcanic rocks by ferry than follow the trips by Administration of Sai Kong District. By the ferry we pay $50HK Dollars.



It is believed that 140 million years ago a volcano was located in Sai Kung. Sharp Island was on the margin of the caldera.  This is probably the reason for widely distributed different volcanic rocks from different geological periods around Sharp Island.



Sharp Island or Kiu Tsui Chau –橋咀洲 is the largest island in the Kiu Tsui Country Park located at Port Shelter of Sai Kung. Local go there for BBQ, fishing, swimming and diving. Sharp Island is under the Sai King District.



The sea currents near Sharp Island pushing sand and gravel near the shore. After several years they formed a tombolo, a natural bridge made of different sized rocks and sand connecting Sharp Island and Kiu Tau. At high tide the tombolo is submerged in water and can only be seen when the tied goes out.




During our ferry ride the captain  give a brief description of the different rocks formations of this place. The rocks are amazing beautiful similar to some of the rocks formations and textures of the craters that I have seen in Iceland.




The trip took about half an hour and we alighted at Sharp Island. There are several walking trails leading to the beach, tombolo unfortunately for us, it is high tide and it is submerged in the water, and also up the hills.  We enjoyed ourselves at the beach but it is too hot and humid, so we follow the trail up to the hills.



It take about half an hour to reach the top of the hills and we can see the island with the light house and also the surrounding islands around the Sharp Island.



The High island Geo Trail about 1 km long, is an easy level walk. The trail starts at the East Dam, and visitors can enjoy marvelous landforms along the trail, such as hexagonal rock columns, faults, distorted rock columns and an intrusive dyke. Unfortunately we were unable to covered all the sight-seeing of this island.



We only managed to visit The Sharp Island Geo Trail about 500 m, along the trail we can see various igneous rocks such as volcanic breccla, rhyolite and quartz monzonite.



I strongly recommend this Sharp Island to all my friends if you happen to be in Hong Kong, just make a day a this gorgeous place and there aren’t lot of tourists around this island. A fantastic place for trekking, sunbathing and diving.





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