Donglong Temple, Tainan


We reached Tainan on the late afternoon after we checked into our hotel, our Taiwan friends  took us to dinner at the local restaurant which is well known by the locals for the best local cuisines. The foods are beautiful cooked and so delicious, enjoyed the best pig’s legs cook in different ways and the utterly crisp Chinese salads that I have ever taste before.



Early the next morning, our day started with a visit to Donglong Temple in Tainan.  the cultural gallery of Wangye is at the Donglong Temple and it contains Taiwan’s most complete collection of artifacts relating to Wangye worship, giving visitors a fine opportunity to learn more about the island’s religious faith.



It contains finely wrought camphor-wood carvings of all the folk performances that are used to greet the Wangye in Taiwan today. With thousands of human figures that are extremely lifelike, each one having its own facial expression and posture.



The representation of the rituals, inviting the gods, sacrificing to the gods, feasting with the gods and sending off the Wangye, as well as all the items that are place on Wangye boats.  The gallery gives us a comprehensive understanding of the content and importance of Wangye worship in Taiwan’s southwestern coastal areas.



We are lucky to see  the fellow worships carrying the god chair with the god relic sitting on top of the chair, the men whose carrying  the chair go into a trance like state and will write down the information that the God want to give and to guide the follower.



Kinda of interesting to learn and see different country cultures and beliefs. The workmanship and the gold  being use to do up the temple are amazing. A great experience and eye opening to enjoy the local culture of this village.





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