Lotus Lake 莲池潭 , Kaohsiung


Today we are going to Kaohsiung (高雄), to visit the famous scenic man-made Lotus Lake (莲池潭). It is famous for the lotus plants on the  lake, temples and pagodas at the lake.



The Spring Autumn Pavilions (春秋阁) and the Dragon Tiger Pagodas (龙虎塔) are locate at the southwestern of the lake.



We visit the Dragon Tiger Pagodas (龙虎塔) with nine curve Bridge (九曲桥) connected to the shore. The pagodas is seven floor high. There is Chinese saying – Nine Curve bridge with every sharp turning, it is to help cleanse the evil spirits away.



We walk  into the Dragon Mouth through it’s throat and exit from the tiger’s mouth. It is symbolize good luck.  Up to the top of pagodas we can see the town of Kaohsiung.  Directly opposite the Dragon Tiger Pagodas is the Ciji Palace (慈济宫) and being told by our Taiwan friend, it worth a visit, but we didn’t as we are schedule for a cruise around the Tainan port.



The Spring & Autumn Pavilion is about 2 minutes walk from the Dragon Tiger Pagodas. The octagonal Spring & Autumn Pavilion is dedicated to the God of War, Guan Gong (关公) and it is about 4 level high.



In front of the pavilions is a statue Goddess of Mercy (观音) and an oriental gazebo is at the back of the pavilions. There are lot of wild life  in the lake. We spend about 2 to 3 hours and continue our journey to the Kaohsiung harbour.




21 thoughts on “Lotus Lake 莲池潭 , Kaohsiung

      • Yea, i find the Taiwanese are warm, helpful and friendly and sad when we had to say good bye to our friends.
        Any plan of going there soon to pay a visit to your friends in there, there are lot of changes in Taiwan now.

      • Hi, did you see the news yesterday? earthquake in Taiwan. Sad to see it happened again. I was there when it was last strucked in Nanto area and we were from Changhua just 2hrs away and we really felt the ground moving! very scary but the after shocks are more stressful coz it happens every few minutes and we cannot have a good decent sleep at night after that ordeal. 😦 Hope no more victims. I admire their unity in times like this. They help one another.

      • Yea, lucky for our friends and their family in Tainan, So sad for all those victims.
        It was a horrible experience so many homes and victims were lost during the Chinese New Year, it is good to see the community comes together in time of need and help.
        Have a wonderful Monday, Vinneve.

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