Kaohsiung Pier 2 Art District (文化部-地方文化館)


We arrived  at the Kaohsiung  Pier  and  board a ship, within minute it take off. Surprised we have the ship to ourselves  there aren’t any tourists on board.


We cruised around the sea port where the cargoes are loading to the vessels and ready to export out. Been told by our friend that this port is the 2nd major port in Taiwan.



Along the piers, we saw a big Ocean restaurant been abandoned due to bad economic  in 2008.  At the moment, every year  there are about 5 millions tourists visit Kaohsiung and the local councils are  targeting for more tourists.



The cruise is about 45 minutes and cruise around the scenic and coastal lines of Kaohsiung. A charming experience and would recommend to all my friends,  go for it  if you are in Kaohsiung.



Alighted at Pier 2, and walking up the Pier  there are lot of sculptures around the pier. The Pier 2 Art Center in Kaohsiung is a hub of outdoor and indoor art warehouse and museums set around an old charming wharf. The wharf is now known as “Yencheng Passenger Wharf”



The Pier 2 Warehouse was an abandoned warehouse and it used to store sugar but now it houses contemporary and modern art throughout the year. The surrounding grounds are full of modern and contemporary art sculptures, statues and beautiful decorated buildings.  There is a walking path and a cycle path through



There are lot of tourists, locals and students around this place and it is the popular spot in Kaohsiung for modern and contemporary art fans.The place is bursting with young and old art lovers and tourists. A fabulous place and it would take half of the day to see all the art galleries and museums around here.



It is a thumb up for me as I simply love it here, unfortunately we don’t have times  to see all the galleries as we are having a special local famous Taiwan cuisine at one of the restaurant in Tainan.




The famous dishes are the chicken broth with herbs which  take about 12 hours to boil and the fresh crab with lot of eggs cook with glutinous rice. I like to thank  our Taiwan friends for arranging such a beautiful and gorgeous holiday with  local cuisine for our group.





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