Sun Moon Lake Ropeway, Taiwan

IMG_6488.2Our day started early today to visit the Peacock farm, stay at the farm for about 20 minutes and on our way to take the cruise to Sun Moon Lake Ropeway. We reached the station at 8.30 a.m. and it was a long queue. Try to go early to enjoy the entire day at the culture park and theme park.



Our group managed to go into 3 cable cars and  which connects from the Sun Moon Lake with the Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village theme park. The ropeway cable cars are painted in red, yellow and blue to symbolize the red sun, yellow moon and blue lake. It also the Aboriginal culture red for happiness, yellow for healthy life and blue for ecology.




We bought our tickets for the cable cars and amusement park for the Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village.. The tickets for the cable car are sell separately from the amusement park. From the cable car trip to the amusement park, we were able to see the beautiful scenic view of the Sun Moon Lake.  Our first stop is the visit the local aboriginal craft shop and then to the theme park to enjoy the water rides and roller coastal rides.



We have our lunch at the traditional villages, we have the beautifully cooked bamboo glutinous rice and all the gift,food and drink are exchangeable with the coupons  comes with the entrance ticket to the park.




After our lunch we visited the traditional built Aboriginal houses which were made of slabs of stones to preserve the heat inside the house. Our friend have arranged for us to see the culture show of 9 different tribe culture dances.  Awed with the traditional cultures and the old relics in the traditional houses.



We didn’t want to waste time queuing the return trip by cable car, so we walk and take a bus to the local car park. We left the Sun Moon Lake to Tainan and on our way back to Tainan, we stop at a local village shop for a hot mud bath and dinner. The local village is famous for fried chicken, it look like roasted chicken but it was so delicious, I don’t recommend the mud bath to anyone as most of us got stung by the mosquitoes.



Happy and love to thank our kind Taiwan for our warm welcome and introduction of the beauty of Taiwan, we didn’t manage to visit all of the famous spot, due to shortage of times and wrong season. We were able to immerse into their culture and soak into the life style of different world.










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