Snake Temple (蛇庙), Penang


After our Taiwan trip, we were back in Singapore. The next day we went to Penang to meet our friends for 3 days break in Penang, Malaysia.


Arrived at the airport in early morning and picked up by our friends. We went the Snake Temple, in Bayan Lepas, South of Georgetown, which is not far from the airport. The Snake temple is a very old temple, it was built in 1850 and was dedicated to the Buddhist priest Choo Sor Kong. Legend said that it was the home of a religious man who gave the snakes shelter and they remined there after his death.


I had been to this temple preciously  about  27 years ago, the surroundings and the temple had not been changed since but today there are lesser pit vipers than it used to be. The pit vipers are to be found draped on altars, vases and tables. The snakes appear docile, it might be due to the thick clouds of incenses that drift through the temple.


We can take photo with the snake as there is a photographer in the gift shop next to the temple. Beside the gift shop is the Snake park and the entrance fee is $3.00 Malaysia ringgit which was about 0.60 pence in UK. In the snake park, the park caretaker was happy to talk to you about his knowledge of the snakes being kept in the park.  He encouraged us to touch and feel the snake which known as fortune snake.


I was not so keen on the snakes but simply like the snake skin which sheded by the snakes twice or a few times in a year. The Park keeper kindly gifted me some of the skin to take back home to preserve as he told me that the skin will became dust once it dried up.


Finished with the temple visiting, we went for our durians feast, durians is know as King of Fruits in Asia. The beautiful scent and taste is so delicious, I simply love it.  The smell and taste is an acquire taste as some felt it taste like vomit while others simply love it and rightly deserved the titled “King of Fruits”.



Our this trip is to satisfy our foodie cravings and touring in Penang. Next we went to a coffee shop to enjoy ourselves with big bowl porridge. Woo!!! it is out of this world and I miss my hometown and Malaysia foods for so long. The foods here are catered for multi culture and simply its can satisfy any countries taste bugs. A big thumb up for my first day in Penang.



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