Pinang Peranakan Museum (僑生博物館) Penang


After our lunch we came to visit the Pinang Perankan Museum. Pinang Peranakan mansion belongs to Chung Keng Quee (Kapitan) from China who made his fortunes in Penang, Malaysia. He was an immigrant from China and was influence by the Straits Chinese (called the “Peranakan”) culture. He commissioneds his stately mansion to be built incorporating the Peranakan architectural design.


It was furbished with ceramic floor tiles, iron cast balconies and railings, and carved wood panels and screen from all over the world. The mansion is so beautiful furnished and decorated. There is so much to see from the 1st and 2nd level of the mansion of a hugely wealthy tin merchant.


The rooms are fulled with extraordinary beautiful furniture and ornaments. There are glass cases full of exquisite made ladies’ slippers.  The wedding outfits , portraits, paintings and a great deal of gold and jade jewellery are displayed in the glass cases.


At the back room, there is a room where we can browse and buy the jewellery from the the shop. In the old kitchen we can also get some hot or cold Nyonya soup. There were lot of visitors from the locals and overseas, some of the local young couples were having their wedding photos taken at this museum.


At the 2nd level  the rooms are full of cabinets of displaying beautiful and delicate glass wares from all over the world. Awed by the riches and history of Pinang Peranakan Mansion and it worth spending 1 to 2 hours here to enjoy it all.



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