Khoo Kongsi, Penang


In the maze of alleys and pre-war houses is the breathtakingly beautiful Khoo Kongsi Clan house, it was built by the early Khoo clan men more than 100 years ago. There are three entrances lead to the magnificent structure built on a beautiful courtyard.



The Khoo Kongsi means “Dragon Mountain Hall”, the clan house stands proud as a symbol of tradition, culture and values.



It almost burned to the ground on the eve of the Chinese New Year, 1901. Five years later, a new Indo Malay bungalow with Fujian temple and prayer pavilion stood in its place, signaling the re-birth of one of the most majestic clan houses in South East Asia.



There are elaborate murals and carvings of rich history inside the clan house. Founded by Hokkien immigrant workers who came to Penang to seek greater fortune, the clan house was set up to promote clan solidarity and Confusion teachings values as filial piety and respect for the elders.



Walked through the exit leading to Armenian Street, the pre-war houses are turned into restaurants, shops and art and craft shops and galleries. The streets were bustled  with locals and tourists, totally immersed  ourselves in the local famous dishes, deserts, traditional, modern and  contemporary arts in these areas.



We have the pleasure of  strolling the street of Armenian, Armenian Street or Lebuh Armenian, is a street in the inner city of George Town and within the core zone of the George Town Unesco World Heritage Site. It derives its name from an Armenian family who once stayed at the junction of the now Armenian Street in the early 195h century. The street is the venue of the weekly Armenian Street Fair.




On our way back to the apartment, the driver drove us through the longest bridge in South East Asia.





4 thoughts on “Khoo Kongsi, Penang

  1. Thanks Smilecalm, and simply love your poem for 3-D painting with the bike. I am so happy to see the photo of these two young models in the Forley site in Facebook and it totally enriched my memory of our holidays in Penang.

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