Majestic temples in Penang


Our last day in Penang and it was a day reserve for temples visiting. Amazed there were so many different cultures temples in Penang. We went to the Kek Lok Si Temple, our coach driver took us half way up the hill and from here we can either walk uphill to the temple or take a Incline Lift up. The fare for the Incline Lift is M$3.00 per person.


Kek Lok Si Temple split into three sections the ground temple ground, is  beautiful gardens and sacred ponds. One of of the famous ones is Liberation Pond (Sacred Turtle Pond). Chinese believes that a turtle is a symbol of longevity, strength and endurance. It is a spiritual liberation when a turtle is captured and set free in this pond.


The latest additions to the temple complex, a reconstruction of a huge 30.2 m bronze statue of the Greatly Compassionate & Sagely Kwan Yin. also the newly completed Guan Tong Great Hall, the Aghast Hall  and the installation of the incline lift. We gave some donations toward building the temple, prayed to the Goddess  and made our way to visit another temple.


Our next temple. Arulmigu Balathandayuthapani Temple  (Waterfall Temple), is one of the oldest Hindu temples in Penang. According to popular belief, a sadhu (holy man) chose a spot close to the waterfalls for a shrine dedicated to Murugan. The place was called thanner malai, meaning water hill, and the deity itself was known as Thannermalaian – (he who resides by the waterfall).


Unfortunately, the gate was locked as we needed to go through the gate and climb the 512 steps to reach the temple. Instead we had enjoyed ourselves at the waterfall which nearby to the gate. As this temple had been moved since my last visit,  wish I could see this grandeur temple.


We reached Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram Temple around 4.45 p.m. and the staff worked in the temple told us they close at  5.00 p.m. Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram Temple is the largest Thai temple in Penang. The yellow and blue temple is also known as Wat Buppharam, it is home to a 108 ft long reclining Buddha statue, the third  largest in the world.


The reclining Buddha statue is surrounded by elaborate images of a gold leaf covered Buddha in different poses. Buddhists believe that reclining Buddha, with his head resting in the palm of the right hand and his head pointing northwards signifies enlightenment.


Opposite to the Thai Temple is the Dhammikarama Burmese Buddhist Temple situated along Burma Lane was founded on 1st August 1803. The temple was known as “Nandy Moloh Burmese Temple, being one of the earliest and only Burmese Temple in Malaysia. The temple featuring the historical pagoda, the temple’s well and Sima hall, the temple was designated in 1988 as one of the state’s historical sites to be preserved as tourist attraction.


The temple grounds is renowned for its green and serene environment and was awarded the 1st prize in the state landscaping and beautification programmed in 1997 and 2001.


All these majestic temples worth a visit if you are in Penang, it only take  a day to see all  these temples. Thanks to my best friends who kindly arranged all these trips for us to see and revisited some of the attraction places which I have not been before. We had enjoyed a great trip of beautiful cuisines, traditional culture of Penang, amazing marine park and tourists attraction spots.




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