Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


Every year we went back to Singapore, my sister will get a room for 3 days at Marina Bay Sands Hotel for us.  In 2015 we went back home, We stayed for 3 days. It worth to splash some of the money at this 4 stars hotel, as we  totally relaxed ourselves at the hotel pool any time of the day,  there are also restaurants on top of the hotel where  you can have your meal without leaving the poolside.




There are several shopping malls  link to the hotel and a food court with international  cuisines to suit everyone taste buds.  The price of food from the food court is slightly more expensive than the normal food courts or hawker center.




I love it here especially my friends will come to the hotel to meet me and stay to talk till late into the night. We  enjoyed the musically fountains show around 7.45 to 8.00 p.m. every night or stay  at the infinity pool to enjoy the the lighting display. There is a  MRT train station within walking distance. It is so easy and convenience as everywhere there is sign board to show the direction to the tourists attraction spots, within easy access of walking distance, buses or trains.



I found the cost of foods at the hotel here was still cheaper for the foods we paid for in Hong Kong. The standard of living in Singapore is much lower than in Hong Kong.  A city of  shopping and food paradise, if you want to sunbath there are several beaches in Singapore to enjoy sunbathing.





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