Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Singapore


We met our friends at Chinatown, Singapore and she took us to try the dessert in one of the shop in Chinatown.  I had ordered a mango dessert and a mango Chee cheong fun, it was delicious but  a bit pricey for these two desserts.



The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is 5 minutes walk from the shop. The entrance lead to the main hall with high ceiling, it is a four storey temple. There is a bell tower and drum tower at the same level. It was a prayer day, the monks and the followers were busy chanting and praying to the Gods.



There is a solid gold two metre stupa on the Fourth floor where  the sacred relic is kept. At the top of the roof, there is a pagoda with a large prayer wheel. The temple was built in a style based on the Buddhist mandala integrated with the Buddhism of the Tang dynasty.



On the third floor is the Buddhist Culture Museum with more than 300 Buddhist artifacts from all around Asia. The little tea house is on the second floor,  where we can enjoy and relax with a cup of tea and some vegetarian cuisine.



It is a memorable experience of culture, art and history of the Buddhism. Once we finished our tour around  the temple,  we went to the People Park Centre to enjoy the local cuisine at  the food court. There are a lot of shopping malls and day or night markets in the China Town. The local shops and market stalls selling  Chinese art, goodies and dried herbs and foods.



At night the Chinatown became a busy hub where the locals and visitors come here for the  famous local cuisine and shopping. All the shops and market stalls close at 10.00 p.m.daily. Singapore is a city of shopping, clubbing and foods paradise, it is a clean and safe city to be out enjoying all night till morning.



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