Pasir Ris Park (白沙公园), Singapore


Pasir Ris Park (白沙公园) is a beach park located in the Eastern part of Singapore. It occupies 71 hectares of land, included some reclaimed land. This coastal park is among the largest in Singapore. The full length of the park is around 6.6 km.



There is a 6 hectare mangrove forest within the park. The boardwalks enable visitors to explore the forest. Mud crabs, mudskippers and mangrove trees. are found there.



A 3 story tower supports bird-watching and prominent birdlief in the park include milky storks, blue eared kingfishers and buffy fish owls.




With a newly refurnish children playground, the park includes a beach, a cycling track, barbecue pits and picnic tables. There are cafes, food courts and pubs opened till late at night.


This is a serene and peaceful location which not a place frequent by tourists. During the weekend the locals with their families will enjoy a family day outing at this beach. Lot of nature such as different types of mushrooms growing under the trees and lot of different types of wild life can be find in this serene and eco park.  Every time I am back home, will visit this beautiful park for my morning walk, a great place for photography if you are into nature as there are bountiful of wild life here.



I will totally  recommend this place to all my friends if you are in Singapore make a day for suntanning in this beach as there are so much to do in this park. There is no entrance fee for this park which is an added bonus to the package.


It is easy to travel to this park as there is the MRT train to Pasir Ris station and take a bus 403 at the bus interchange  which is next to the MRT train station which will take you straight to the park.




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