Avenue of Stars (星光大道) Hong Kong


I had extended my stay in Singapore and now back in Hong Kong to meet my husband and son. We went to Tsim Sha Tsui,  hope to visit the art gallery at one of the conference hall next to the Avenue of Stars.  There were some sculptures displayed in front of the building but no art exhibitions being held at the time.Been told by one of the staff from the Art shop, this place will be closed soon for renovation.



We went to Avenue of Stars (星光大道), models on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, is located along the Victoria Harbour waterfront. It honours celebrities of Hong Kong Film Industry.



There were some sculptures of the famous actors and actress who had passed away, walking along the harbour waterfront and enjoyed myself taking some street photos. When we went back to Hong Kong in January 2016, this place was  being closed for renovation till 2018.



This is the first time I had ever seen immigrate begging  on the street  in Hong Kong.

IMG_8872.1Making new theme park for the Hong Kong Eye.

After our walk we went back to Tai Po Market for our dinner, we arranged to meet our son at the train station and walk to the market as it is only 5 minutes walk from the station. At the 3rd level of the Market the food stall open late in the night for the locals.



We ordered 4 dishes and the foods were tasty and gorgeous until I had accidentally chewed a used cigarette butt in the clam dish.  The worker immediately  cancelled the dish out of the bill. With this incident happened, all of us had lost our appetite for the food and settled our bill and went to another shop for our dessert.



The foods in the Market stalls are cheaper than the shops or restaurants due to the high rental problems in Hong Kong. After this incident we were more caution food.




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