Sam Mun Tsai New Village (三門仔新村), Hong Kong


Our last day in Hong Kong we went to Sam Mun Tsai New Village (三門仔新村), from Tai Po take bus 74  to the village bus terminal. Every half an hour there is a bus to the Tai Po terminal station.



The fishermen now residing in Sam Mun Tsai New Village, they used to live on boats at the original Sam Mun Tsai which is close to Tai Kau of Luk Heung. The original Sam Mun Tsai is now on the northeastern shore of Plover Cove Reservoir. They were relocated to their current residence in 1966, due to the construction of the Plover Cove Reservoir. At the time, only 36 families were moved to housing on land. In 2006 to 2007 the government conducted an extensive renovation work to the village.



Amazed to learn the members of the Hakka Chan (陳) clan  moved from today’s Shenzhen and settled in Yim Tin Tsai during the 19th century. Other members of the clan settled in Yim Tin Tsai,   Sai Kung and  Ping Yeung and Ta Kwu Ling, North District.  My late mother-in-law came from the Hakka Chan (陳) clan, to my knowledge, she used to work in the construction site carrying the basket loads of cement and bricks all day long.



It kinda of cool to walk around the houses built in stilted with modern transportation merging with the old. There is a small light house on the pier.  Behind the church, there are some seafood restaurants which open in the night.  With the  dark grey sky and water, some  boats were moored  around on the sands. This place was so serene and peaceful and the mountains form a dramatic backdrop to the little village. Opposite to the sea is the majestic Pat Sin Leng mountains and the giant size statue is the Goddess of Mercy facing the Sam Mun Tsai Village.




Plentiful of wildlife such as egret and crabs can be seen, busy feasting at this sea. Totally fascinated with this urban village, it is so rich in history there ain’t any tourists or visitors at all. There is a trail link to  the island of Ma Shi Chau in the east by a tombolo that is only accessible when the tide is low.



An urban fishing village in a Lonely Planet and would recommend  for anyone if you happen to be in Hong Kong, this village worth a visit and sunbathing at here but it does not has a public toilet.








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