Chasewater Country Park, Staffordshire


Our Singapore friends came to England to visit us and we planned to tour England and Europe for the 21 days when they were here. The first day was free and easy and we went to the Chasewater Country Park.



Chasewater Country Park in Staffordshire is perfect for a gentle stroll, bird watching, running, cycling or even a steam train ride. It is located between Burntwood, Brownhills and Norton Canes, in a picturesque countryside setting. It covers 360 hectares, including some 90 hectares of water.



The country park provides a home for many birds and animals, where the keen naturalist can find rare habitats to visit including Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). There are excellent bird watching, walking and cycling opportunities.



In May 2011, Chasewater Country Park and its reservoir were transferred to Staffordshire County Countcil. The park have been totally changed since it was taken over by Staffordshire County, it became a park where the locals enjoyed the benefit of water sport organized by the County. Lot of locals come to the park to enjoy the day with their families and having picnic and enjoying the steam train rides every Sunday.



Unfortunately, due to all these activities in the park, the wild life such as rare birds and swans, ducklings been pushed over the edge. There are lesser wildlife around this park and hope the Staffordishire County will take step to protect the wildlife habitat so that the wildlife would immigrate to this reserve again.




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