Wild flowers in Midland, England

IMG_5880.1_edited-1Spring is here and couldn’t resit the nice weather, I went for an English Country walk. During my walk into the countryside where the farmhouses and detached houses dotted along the country lanes. Spotted some beautiful wild flowers planted in front of one of the detached houses, and I had been lying on the ground to took some photos of these beautiful flowers.

So engrossed with the flowers and didn’t know the owner of the house sat in her car waiting to see what I am up to.  I am lucky not been told off for not asking for permission to take photos of her flowers and kindly show her some of my photos from my camera to her.

I had encountered  with an old man from another house , who came out to see what I am up to with my camera around his neighbour’s house. On my way back home, I came upon row and row of cherry blossom and  had enjoyed a happy hour snapping my camera away.


Totally knackered but happy with what I had achieved today and will go out for another walk again soon.


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