Hafod Eryri – Snowdon Summit Visitor Centre


IMG_8143.1We drove to the heart of the Snowdonia National Park and had booked our tickets with Snowdon Mountain Railway to go up to the Snowdon Summit Visitor Centre.  The train journey up to 1085 meters.  We reached the little village at the foot of Snowdon, Llanberis in the heart of the National Park.  This was a great experience for our friends to experience an awe inspiring journey by a rack railway to the summit of Snowdon the highest mountain in Wales and England.




We reached Llanberis station very early and had enjoyed ourselves to see the workers busy working at the steam trains. As the first train will be leaving in 20 minutes  so all the workers were busy putting the coals into the train with the smoke curling into the misty morning.




Our train leave in next half hour and once all seated, the train begun the journey upwards to the clouds. Our first glimpse of the waterfall in Llanberis and when our train crested on the mountain. We had been surrounded by the beautiful views.




A beautiful landscape rich in alpine flowers and rare ferns caused by the retreating ice age and it was dotted with ruins. These ancient mountains thrust upwards by volcanic forces 450 million year ago, once towered 10,000 meters. The wind, rain and successive ice ages had sculpted them to their current form.




Unfortunately, we can’t see the two viaducts across the Afon Hwch River and the waterfall plunging into the gorge below due to mist covered around the mountains peaks.




The beautiful ruined Hebron Chapel and spectacular countryside before we finally reached one of the world great panoramas at the Summit of Snowdon. The visitors centre had a café where we had some hot soup and hot pastry to warm our bellies. Sadly, it rain heavily with strong wind  we couldn’t view the panoramas view of Eryri, Land of the Eagles.




The Summit trains operating from May to October only. We were happy we had reached the summit of Snowdon and will be back again soon, there are so many spectacular spots which I haven’t got a chance to see or trek.







14 thoughts on “Hafod Eryri – Snowdon Summit Visitor Centre

    • Hi Suzanne,
      We managed to get to the summit unfortunately it rain and misty over the peaks so I couldn’t get any good pics. The locals advice me the best time to go is September where the clouds will be much clearer and can see the vast landscape. Hope you enjoyed yourself when you are at the Snowdonia.
      Thanks for your visit and comment.

    • Thanks Vinneve for your visit and comment. At the moment I had been stop writing my travel due to problem with downloading photos, as I didn’t want to pay a huge price for subscription for the photo spaces but wordpress only allow me 10 git and that been used up last year, so when it up for renew I been told that I paid for new fee is meant for the year before git , I won’t get any new photos spaces for photos download. So Sad and helpless.

      • Oh is it because the photos are that big? not sure I am not that good with IT things… Perhaps just choose a couple exceptionally good ones then you can still post it though I know it is hard to choose a few from so many wonderful memories. I will wait for your next post when you get some spaces though try to put it into words that we can imagine 🙂

    • Hi, how are you! I have lost touch with my wordpress.com due to my computer broke down for almost a year and back from my 3 months holidays. Now busy with my university studies so hopefully I am able to write more post in my site again.

      • Hi ! I have been so busy recently but I will take care of my blog better in 2017, it’s on my new resolution list.

        What are you studying at the moment ? I can’t wait to see more of your artistic project (are you still studying in this field ?)

        Happy New year !

      • Happy New Year to you and your family, Ginny, 2nd year into my Fine art course in BCU. Hardly have any time to go into the wordpress due to study, working and helping up my family by babysitting on certain days.
        Hope 2017 will brings you and your family healthy, prosperous and success.

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