Wang Chung Stream (橫涌石澗)


We met with our friends at Tai Po Bus Station and took bus 275 to the Bride’s pool bus terminal. Followed the road toward the Tai Po Station about 10 minutes walk, there is a small stream with a sign “No Enter” go through the steps and about a few meters we reached the stream. Our friends are experience stream trekkers and every weekend they will escape the busy city to the rural urban reserve for stream trekking.



This weekend they planned to stream trek at  Wang Chung Stream so we can enjoyed ourselves with nature and has a dip in the waterfall pool to cool off the hot humid  day. Wang  Chung Stream is one of the most popular streams in Hong Kong. The entrance is on the Bridge’s Pool Road . It is easily accessible and hiker-friendly. It embraces picturesque landscapes with majestic waterfalls and clear water pools. An idea way to spend a relaxing summer afternoon in the stream and leave the hassle in the city.



We had a mini break at one of the medium fall and enjoyed ourselves at the pool of the fall. There are bountiful  of nature such as fish, mayfly, butterflies and greenery forest surrounded the waterfalls. We had to scramble up the big boulders to ascent up to the waterfall.  The next waterfall is Dragon Ball, my son and the boys enjoyed rock jumping into the pool. This is a difficult level of stream trek and don’t take risk and get hurt.  We had experience stream trekkers to guide us for this hike.


A spectacular view from the top of the waterfall, it is serene and peaceful, the forest merging into different shades of green to black.The big boulders create a backdrop of mythical landscape around the stream.  It been advisable not to trek up the cliff of Dragon Ball Fall, as climbers have to cross the waterfall at the junction of the upper and lower half.  Someone did fall off the cliff and lost their life.




There is another medium stream cascade and the pool is deep enough for swimming. We spend a few hours at the reserve to take photos of the wildlife and landscape. At last, we came upon a bridge on Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail which takes us back to the Bride’s Pool Road. We didn’t go near to the Bride’s pool waterfall as there were lot of Filipino maids enjoying the fall. We can changed our wet clothing at the toilet near the bus terminal and every half an hour there is a bus to the Tai Po Bus Station. There isn’t any bus to the Bride’s Pool Terminal except on Sunday only.


IMG_5473.1_edited-1Once we reached the Tai Po Bus Station, had our dinner at the Tai Po Market. What a wonderful ending for a perfect day. We hardly spend any monies for this trek, bought our drinks and prepared homemade sandwiches for lunch. Love the Hong Kong citizens’ method of keeping fit and healthy, exciting and adventurous lifestyles  which I have totally miss when I back in England.

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