Maxcro Photography – Spring Flowers

IMG_2891.1 IMG_2893.1 IMG_2890 IMG_2887

Bought a second hand F 2.8  macro len so used it to take some of the flowers at Beacon Park in Lichfield.  I am so surprised that there is a garden in this park with so many various type of flowers planted in this garden. The following are some of the spring flowers take at the Beacon Park, in Lichfield which the entrance is free of charge.

IMG_2902.1 IMG_2546.1 IMG_2822.1 IMG_2768.1

Enjoying myself so much as there are so many variety of flowers in this park. Unfortunately, I only have an hour to take photos of all the gorgeous flowers and have to come back again the next day to complete my flower album.

IMG_2914.1 IMG_2825 IMG_2819 IMG_2876.1

It seen the len is working alright as I am a bit worry  as I had bought it from ebay and it cost me about 280 gbp for just a second len. I am quite shock that a new F2.8 len is selling at 340.00 gbp so I didn’t really get any bargain for my this len.

IMG_2881.1 IMG_2904.1 IMG_2909 IMG_2911.1

It is so colorful and add a new palette to my blog with different colors and tones.

IMG_2941.1 IMG_2940.1 IMG_2938.1 IMG_293.16

It is a flowers paradise and hopefully I am able to go to the park again soon.

IMG_2931.1 IMG_2927.1 IMG_2923.1 IMG_2922.1 IMG_2919

Wish all my friends have a wonderful Tuesday. Hope my this flower gallery will bring a smile to all my friends.


Alishan Nature Park, Taiwan

IMG_1371.1 IMG_1361.1 IMG_1407.1 IMG_1376.1

It took us about 3 hours to reached Alishan Mountains,  half way up to the mountains, it was fogging and the roads totally covered by the mist. All we can see is misty white covered a large part of the mountains and the reserve. We got into park and found our way to check in our hotel, the tour company had booked us into a lousy village hotel, every where we can see dirt and spiderwebs around the walls and floors.

IMG_1423.2 IMG_1486.1 IMG_1464.1 IMG_1459.1

The staff working there were very friendly and we  booked our additional trips to visit the reserve and  morning sunrise with them.  Our driver was not allow to take us into the reserve, it was a regulation set by the reserve, and  we must wake up at 3.00 a.m. in the morning for this mini tour. We been offered 2 tours – one is by the train which we  will see only the morning sunrise and the train trip and another more expensive tour  which covered all the important landmarks in the Alishan and cost 3 to 4 times different.

IMG_1519.1 IMG_1522.1 IMG_1537.1 IMG_1538.1

Ailshan National Scenic Area is a mountain resort and nature preserve in the mountains of Chiayi County. The reserve is about 415 square km in area which include wilderness, four villages, waterfalls tea plantation, Ailshan train station and hiking trails. This place is popular with tourists and mountain climbers, and it become one of the major landmarks in Taiwan.

IMG_1574.1 IMG_1572.1 IMG_1582.1 IMG_1614.2

Ailshan is well known for the sunrises, and on a beautiful day one can observe the sun come up on a sea of clouds in the area between Ailshan and Yushan.

IMG_1647 IMG_1648 IMG_1650 IMG_1652

We went for our walk to the train station and in time to see the sunset, then we went to the local restaurant to have our dinner which they offered steamboat and various dishes as a package deal.  Enjoyed our dinner and wine, we back to our hotel to have an early night for the next day excursion. When we reached our hotel,  the place were full of butterflies and moths, I have never see such a great varieties of these before.  So spent a great time time taking photos of the butterflies and moths and totally forgotten I need to wake up at 2.00 a.m. the next morning for the mini tour.

IMG_1666.1 IMG_1674.1 IMG_1704.1 IMG_1684.1 IMG_1706.1 IMG_1711.1 IMG_1719.1 IMG_1701.1

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore


Busy with college works and research so I have no times for myself where I can enjoy myself. Have lot of works to catch up, and today I going to post some of my photos of flowers which I have taken at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. I was in Singapore for about 18 days and the days seen to fly and now I am back in England. I stay at the Marina Bay Sand Hotel for 2 days.  Beside visiting all my relatives and friends in Singapore and have some wild times with my old school friends.

IMG_9414.1 IMG_9539.1 IMG_9503.1

Stand in awe of the amazing Supertrees. These uniquely designed vertical gardens of 25 to 50-metres tall have large canopies that provide shade in the day and come alive with an exhilarating display of light and sound at night.

IMG_9384.1 IMG_9415.1 IMG_9478.1

These unique trees of up to 16 storeys in height can be found all around the Gardens – twelve at the Super tree Grove, while the remaining six are placed in clusters of threes at the Golden and Silver Gardens.
IMG_9484.1 IMG_9489.1 IMG_9486.1

Providing scale and dimension to the Gardens while marrying the form and function of mature trees, the Super trees also create height to balance the tall developments in the Marina Bay area. Take a stroll along the OCBC Skyway, a 128-metre long walkway with a height of 22-metres that connects two Super trees at the Super tree Grove, and take in a different view of the Gardens. Chill out at the 50-metre Super tree-top bistro and be captivated by the panoramic views of the Gardens as well as the surrounding Marina Bay area.

IMG_9502.1 IMG_9597.1

Maple leaves

maple leaves

Armed with my camera and busy taking photo of flowers when my neighbor invited me into her garden, she has an amazing beautiful garden. I felt in love with the maple trees. I had seen this beautiful red pointed shaped leave and always want to take photograph of them. The maple tree in her garden is six foot tall and it is raining so I have a happy hour in her garden taking different photos of nature.


I felt in love with the new ways some of the Japanese photographers taking their photos using the sunlight to create overexposure so that the effect will be one stop overexposure to create  light, fogging, blurring and pastel look to the image.  I wanted to learn how to do as these photographers do with their photos.  So using the micro lens and taking the same image 3 times with different stop – example F11, F8 and F5.6, one is the normal, under and over exposures. When I see them in my computer and love those shots with overexposure  as it does create the image as what those photographers did.


I will be going away for a long vacation till mid August, taking a long break from all the media to enjoy my holidays with my families in overseas.


I needed to practice more so that my macro photos will have the perfect effect. At least this is the first step to try to explore and see how it turn up for my macro photos.




Ladybug or Ladybirds


At my neighbor’s garden armed with my camera with a macro lens trying my luck to see what I can  get in the garden.  I am lucky to catch a pair of 2 spotted ladybirds mating.  It is an amazing experience to see such a beautiful sight.  It bought me down to earth that Mother’s Nature are so amazing  and if you have the time to spare and enjoy this beautiful nature.



Source from National Geographic

Many people are fond of ladybugs because of their colorful, spotted appearance. But farmers love them for their appetite. Most ladybugs voraciously consume plant-eating insects, such as aphids, and in doing so they help to protect crops. Ladybugs lay hundreds of eggs in the colonies of aphids and other plant-eating pests. When they hatch, the ladybug larvae immediately begin to feed.


Ladybugs are also called lady beetles or, in Europe, ladybird beetles. There are about 5,000 different species of these insects, and not all of them have the same appetites. A few ladybugs prey not on plant-eaters but on plants. The Mexican bean beetle and the squash beetle are destructive pests that prey upon the crops mentioned in their names.

Ladybugs appear as half-spheres, tiny, spotted, round or oval-shaped domes. They have short legs and antennae.


Their distinctive spots and attractive colors are meant to make them unappealing to predators. Ladybugs can secrete a fluid from joints in their legs which gives them a foul taste. Their coloring is likely a reminder to any animals that have tried to eat their kind before: “I taste awful.” A threatened ladybug may both play dead and secrete the unappetizing substance to protect itself.


Nature life is full of surprise and arm with the camera I am not sure what I will see or photo when I out in the garden, woodland or rolling fields.