Sunny Bay, Hong Kong – 欣澳


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A few years ago my friend had bought me to this beautiful beach to take photos of the sunset. We were shopping at Tung cheung shopping centre due to it rained heavily that day, so when we saw the beautiful sunset, we took the MTR train to the Sunny Bay Station.

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The beach is directly opposite the MTR station.  We had a good times taking the sunset but didn’t have the times to visit the small fishing village and intend to visit this place when I in Hong Kong again.

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My daughter had admitted to hospital due to indigestion infection the previous day and she didn’t want to stay at grandpa home.  We went to visit the Sunny Bay Beach, it was so hot and  she can’t walk a lot due to suffering from stomach cramps. While she was resting on the rocks we took photos of this beautiful place and waiting for the sunsert. Unfortunately, there aren’t any shops around this place so prepared drinking water and insect repellant  as there are lot of mosquitoes.

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I had  intended to walk to the fishing village but due to my girl was sick so we just stay around the beach and taking photos. There are some wooden poles in the middle of the bay and it have been standing in there for years. We had enjoyed ourselves after here we went to Tung Cheung Shopping Centre to have our dinner. I would recommend this beautiful place to anyone if you want to have a quiet beach or sun tan, this is the place for it as it is not popular with the locals or tourists but I had not seen anyone swimming in this bay so it might be a risky place for swimming.

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It is a 8  out of 10 stars scored for this place.