Skogar, Iceland

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We reached the Skogar Guesthouse late in the night but the owners are very friendly and helpful. We told them we totally lost and had been driving around the coastal of Reykjavik a few times. They tell us that the Selfoss Waterfall just 5 minutes drive away from the guesthouse. Told us  the night sky was not clear so no aurora to be see and there is a key on the back door of the guest house if we want to try our luck.

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The guest house is at the foot of the mountains and nearby there is a church and a museum.  As I do not know Iceland language so I am not sure whether the name of the museum is Skogakaffi.  There are iron bridge and wooden bridge in front of the museum and lot of sculptures dotted around the fields.

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Walking around  this little town there are hotels . museum and houses dotted on this little town. Some of the barns and houses were build inside of a small cave.  It look so gorgeous and just like straw houses inside a big rocks. After enjoying my walk. I went back to the guest house for my breakfast. The owner charged us cheaper than I had been quoted online with the The breakfast was simple consist of boiled eggs, hams, salad, cereal and toast.  It was value for money and totally recommend this guest house to anyone going  to visit Iceland.

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It is so rare to see such a huge vast of lands rolling into one another with multicolor of trees, plants and grasses especially at beginning of October and thinking it was Autumn Season, simply don’t know how to express myself just simply fell in love with this wildness.  Totally feel myself so small and lost  in this vast lands and the weather changing so fast that it can be misty and  sunshine in the next second.

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I can’t express myself well but hopefully my photographs will tell a story of its own of this amazing beautiful country.


Alishan Nature Park, Taiwan

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It took us about 3 hours to reached Alishan Mountains,  half way up to the mountains, it was fogging and the roads totally covered by the mist. All we can see is misty white covered a large part of the mountains and the reserve. We got into park and found our way to check in our hotel, the tour company had booked us into a lousy village hotel, every where we can see dirt and spiderwebs around the walls and floors.

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The staff working there were very friendly and we  booked our additional trips to visit the reserve and  morning sunrise with them.  Our driver was not allow to take us into the reserve, it was a regulation set by the reserve, and  we must wake up at 3.00 a.m. in the morning for this mini tour. We been offered 2 tours – one is by the train which we  will see only the morning sunrise and the train trip and another more expensive tour  which covered all the important landmarks in the Alishan and cost 3 to 4 times different.

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Ailshan National Scenic Area is a mountain resort and nature preserve in the mountains of Chiayi County. The reserve is about 415 square km in area which include wilderness, four villages, waterfalls tea plantation, Ailshan train station and hiking trails. This place is popular with tourists and mountain climbers, and it become one of the major landmarks in Taiwan.

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Ailshan is well known for the sunrises, and on a beautiful day one can observe the sun come up on a sea of clouds in the area between Ailshan and Yushan.

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We went for our walk to the train station and in time to see the sunset, then we went to the local restaurant to have our dinner which they offered steamboat and various dishes as a package deal.  Enjoyed our dinner and wine, we back to our hotel to have an early night for the next day excursion. When we reached our hotel,  the place were full of butterflies and moths, I have never see such a great varieties of these before.  So spent a great time time taking photos of the butterflies and moths and totally forgotten I need to wake up at 2.00 a.m. the next morning for the mini tour.

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Phoenix Ancient Town “Fenghuang, China – Day 6

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I have learn my lesson; in China I don’t have to wake up at 6.00 a.m., as the morning sun rise  around 7.00 a.m. I am ready to go for my morning walk around the riverside and love to see the local scenery where the tourists were still in bed.

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Phoenix is in an area of outstanding natural beauty where mountains, water and blue skies. Upon arrival visitor will be impressed by its air of mystery, elegance and primitive simplicity. This is a world that is dominated by the color green. The mountain slopes are covered with green foliage, the fields are green and even the Tuo Jiang River reflects the greenery. The bridges over the water and unique houses built on stilts display a harmony that is so often portrayed in traditional Chinese paintings. This is particularly true when mist pervades the scene in the early morning or after rain. It soon becomes apparent that the claim to being one of the two most beautiful towns in the whole of China.

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I am lucky this morning as the sun-ray reflected through a tree and shone on the pavement, The multicolor created a halo whenever someone walk through it.  I have not seen this scenery in Avatar Mountains but happy to see it here.  After about half an hour the mist covered part of the river and slowly the river was totally covered in mist. It was spectacular view and it lasted only for 10 to 15 minutes.


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The locals  use the river to do their washing, bathing, washing food and vegetables. This morning the local were busy washing clothing, faces, swimming and bathing in this river. Some workers were collecting the rubbish from a boat and others were putting stones on the river to create a walking path across the river.  I am impressed by the simplicity  life style in this little town.

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When I  was back in Singapore about 3 days  and read from the newspaper report that this town have been covered by flood. the water rose above to the top of the bridges  and about 140,000 tourists and locals have to be excavate to a safe place. My heart go to these locals and wonder how long will it take them to rebuilt their homes again.

I will continue my this last part of journey in my next blog as I was too sick to join the tour after this Phoenix Ancient Town.

Red Rocks Forest, Zhangjiajie, China – Part 2

_DSC1061.1 _DSC1056.1We enjoyed ourselves and love the mountains songs sung by the Shop owner and our tour guide from the Red Rocks Forest National Geopark.We talk with the locals about their life living in this beautiful place. From the youngsters they want to earn more monies to survive but the older generations they are happy and content with present life.

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After hours of free entertainment from both of the guide and the shop owner, we have to carry with our trekking into the red rocks forest. We are amazed to found that one section of the red rocks  were surrounded with sunflowers and other species of flowers.  It just getting better than we expect as in these conditions we don’t expect to see flowers and it was a shock to see sunflowers blooming among these rocks.

_DSC1059.1 _DSC1060.1

About half an hour, we came upon the lake where the rocks were reflected on the still water.  We stay here for a bit to take photos as we have to trek for an hour to reach the visitor’s shop where the staffs were busy embroidery beautiful landscape painting onto the canvas.


This is an amazing beautiful, and astonishing  place to visit. I would love to come back to this place again once they are fully completed. I tried to download the mountains songs unfortunately, the system can’t accept my itune video on it.

Zhangjiajie National Park – China – Avatar Hallelujah Mountains – 張家界 (中国) – Days 2


We had been trekking into the forest for almost 3 hours  and still have not reach our destination and our guide Tung trying his best to encourage us that it almost reached to top of the mountains. During our trekking uphill there were lot of tourists came down with carriages where 2 men holding the chair and going uphill or downhill. It cost about 100 RMB to 300 RMB. We finally reached the top as I am always the last one due to taking photos at the same time.

IMG_6668.1 IMG_6660.1

When we reached the top of the mountains all the members of our group were speechless the scenery was amazing and out of this world.  Especially my daughter who doesn’t keen on this trip was impressed with it. All my relatives and friend were smiling and laughing together,  all the pains we have suffered from our foots were forgotten.  It was summer the hottest period in China so we can’t see the cloudy sky or misty fog around the mountains.

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Source from Wikipedia:

Zhangjiajie (张家界; Zhāngjiājiè) is a prefecture-level city in the northwestern part of Hunan province. It comprises the district of Yongding and counties of Cili and Sangzhi. Within it is located Wulingyuan Scenic Area which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992 as well as an AAAAA scenic area by the China National Tourism Administration.

The new name of Zhangjiajie City was adopted in 1994, after the National Forest Park in the Wulingyuan Scenic Area (武陵源) in order to give it more prominence and after this site had been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992. The National Forest Park had been given the name of Zhangjiajie after the name of a small village located within its bounds, and now a popular tourist attraction within the park.

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Zhangjiajie is most notable geographic features are the pillar-like formations such as the Avatar Hallelujah Mountain. The weather is moist year round, and as a result, the foliage is very dense. Much of the erosion which forms these pillars are the result of expanding ice in the winter and the plants which grow on them. These formations are a distinct hallmark of Chinese landscape, and can be found in many ancient Chinese paintings.

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After enjoying ourselves for an hour, we had to walk down hill to take an Elevator to another level to view the scenic view. At this level the scenery is similar to the the top of the mountains but at least it save our energy to walk down. We had to pay for the ticket to take the elevator which is 70 to 100 RMB. Took a bus to the Shili Painted Corridors  is a 5 kilometers long canyon. There are dense wood, fragrant flower and grotesque rock in the canyon. and we walk on the corridors to see the unusual peaks which represent a senor man reading, tiger roaring. mouse looking sky and etc. There were lot of buttery and other insect around these densely forest and we missed the last train so we just returned to the bus station to take the last bus out of the National Park. We were lucky as it closed at 6.00 to 7.00 p.m. during summer so that we can enjoyed the sunset scenic view of this beautiful National Park.

IMG_6655.1 IMG_6669.1

This is a 10 stars scored National Park which is out of this world and fully recommend to all my friends if you are going to this place spent at least 2 or 3 days there as everyday the view change due to the weather  and you will get the see the amazing beautiful landscape out of this world. If I do have the budget to visit China again this place will be my next destination again but in different season so that I can see the different scenic view in their amazing surroundings.

Horseshoe Fall, North Wales



Horseshoe Fall in North Wales is spectacular and beautiful. I love this place so much that I have been back a few times and enjoy myself  so much. Horseshoe Fall is a man made weir to let the water fall into the Llangollen canal. At Llangollen town centre about 3 miles lead to the Horseshoe Pass which the snake road leading to the top of the mountains. At the foot of these mountains there is a Roman remain of Abbey where  there is a park for caravans.  About 1  miles from the Abbey there is a small road leading to the Horseshoe Fall hotel,  follow the path to the hotel as the Horseshoe fall is about 60 meter away from the hotel.




In front of the hotel there is rugged stones path leading to the river with big grey rocks for trekking. The big grey rocks are slippery but it is so beautiful. with the water from the weir and it create  white foaming spray on the flowing water. I spent hours sitting on the stones. I sat at there for hours enjoying the beautiful sights and taking photos of it. I have wonderful time at this beautiful spot and highly recommend to anyone if you happen in Llangollen, North Wales this is a spectacular and beautiful place  to visit.




Pistyll Rhaeadr,North Wales

IMG_5796.1 IMG_5803.1 IMG_5779.1 Pistyll Rgaeadr, North Wales

Pistyll Rhaeadr is one of the seven wonder in North Wales. It is 240 ft high and is the tallest single drop waterfall in United Kingdom. Pistyll Rhaeadr is a beautiful enchanting waterfall in the Berwyn mountains. It is a single car road leading the way up to the car park where we can see the waterfall.We can either park the car in the town centre and walk up to the mountains which is around 2 or 3 miles to reach the waterfall. It is easier to drive up to the car park  at the bottom of the hill and walk up to the waterfall. There are beautiful mountains and rolling field surrounding this beautiful waterfall.