Day 2 – Huanglong Cave, Zhiangjiajie, China -黄龙洞, Furong Town Zhiangjiajie, China ( 中国)


Our hotel was at Wulingyuan district in Zhiangjiajie which is near the Zhiangjiajie National Forest. The hotel room cost about £20.00 to £30.00 gbp per room. We had our breakfast at the hotel, the driver and tour guide Tung came to sent us to Huanglong Cave, 黄龙洞.   Been told by the local that these mountains had shifted the directions of the front entrance were due to the feng shui effect that caused this movement.

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It was 20 minutes walk to the front entrance and along the way to the entrance surrounded by a garden with windmill machines operating the water movements.  Our entrance fee for this place came with a guide to explain the history of this cave,  a boat trip around the inside cave and then trekking into different chambers of the caves.

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Source from Wikipedia:

Huanglong Cave (simplified Chinese: 黄龙洞; traditional Chinese: 黃龍洞; pinyin: huánglóng dòng; literally: “yellow dragon cave”) is a karst cave located near the Wulingyuan district of Zhangjiajie City, Hunan, People’s Republic of China and a national 4A rated scenic area. As of 2010, the cave has over a million visitors per year.[ Since 1997, the Huanglong Cave scenic area has been managed by Beijing-based China Datong Co. Ltd. It was previously managed directly by the Hunan provincial government.

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In addition to the cave itself the Huanglong Cave scenic area includes Huanglong Cave Ecology Square (simplified Chinese: 黄龙洞生态广场; traditional Chinese: 黃龍洞生態廣場), completed in 2009 by restoring the landscape of the area adjacent to the cave entrance. In 2010, the Zhangjiajie government ordered the construction of the “Hallelujah Concert Hall” (simplified Chinese: 哈利路亚音乐厅; traditional Chinese: 哈利路亞音樂廳) as the centerpeice to the Ecology Square, not far from the cave entrance. The hall has a grass-planted roof and cost 160 million Chinese yuan.

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Covering a total area of 48 hectares (120 acres), the cave system extends to 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) in length and is divided into dry and wet levels. The re are four levels, thirteen chambers, three underground waterfalls, two underground rivers, three pools, ninety-six passages, as well as an underground lake. The largest chamber in the cave is 4,000 square metres (43,000 sq ft) and the highest of the three waterfalls is 50 metres (160 ft) high. The guided tour through the cave lasts about two hours and includes a boat ride down one of the underground rivers.

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We were so happy and enjoying ourselves at this beautiful Huanglong Cave and thank to Guide Tung who know when there weren’t lot of crowds/tourists so that we enjoy the scenic view and take photos of this beautiful place. We spent half of the day at this beautiful spot. This is a beautiful national scenic spot and it is value for money which a must to see when in zhiangjiajie.


6 thoughts on “Day 2 – Huanglong Cave, Zhiangjiajie, China -黄龙洞, Furong Town Zhiangjiajie, China ( 中国)

  1. This looks amazing !! The surroundings of the hotel are incredible. Wulingyuan looks like a magical place. The colors, the shapes… and the cave ! WOW. I want to got here ! I’m quite surprised to see that there weren’t a lot of tourists. When did you go ?

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